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From: Daniel Young
To: New Push Button Cash Site Members

This new member update has some extremely important information towards the end of this letter. Please make sure to read this entire update. It's important.

First we want to congratulate you on taking action and signing up for Push Button Cash Site. The simple fact that you are on this page shows us that you are a winner. 

Winners take action when they are presented with an opportunity. That's what you did today you proved that you have what it takes to be successful.

Everyone wants to be successful in life but it's only the small select few that take action who end up achieving success. You have already set yourself apart from the masses by signing up today for Push Button Cash Site.

Most people when they are presented with a legitimate opportunity to change their life, they pass it up. Or they say to them selves "this is too good to be true" so they don't take action. These are the same types of people who are always asking when they are going to get their lucky break.

You are only presented with so many opportunities in life. This is one of those opportunities.

You see success comes to those in life who seize opportunities when they are in front of them. Not all people have what it takes to be successful. The good thing is that you do! The fact that you are on this page shows that you have the first of two things it takes to be a success.

You took action on an opportunity in front of you this takes care of the first part. The second part of success is following through on the initial action. I know for a fact you have exactly what it takes to do this.  All you need to do is follow our advice step by step and you can start seeing life changing results.

You should be getting pretty darn excited right about now. Why? Because you are now armed will all the tools you need to start earning life-changing money online.

Do you know what it feels like to have 6 figures in your savings account and more cash coming into your bank account every day than you could possibly spend? 

We want you to be able to experience this. You have what it takes to achieve this kind of success. You seized an opportunity in front of you, now all you have to do is follow through and take action.

No matter how great this system is that you now have access to, if you don't use it and follow our advice you aren't going to make any money. The only way you can start earning money is if you follow our advice step-by-step. 

Don't worry you are not going to have to guess what to do along the way. We will take you by the hand and show you everything you need to do in order to start achieving success online. Before we jump into the Push Button Cash Site System, I want you to take action on a very special bonus that we put together for you.

This is a surprise bonus. We have good news and bad news to share with you about this bonus. The good news is that this bonus is better than anything we have ever put together in the past. This bonus is valued at $1995 and is worth every penny. If you were to go get this bonus on your own you would have to pay $1995 to get it. But if you take action right now and claim one before they are all gone you are going to get this absolutely FREE!

The bad news is that we only have a limited number of these bonuses available. There are only 15 to be exact. What does this mean for you? It means you need to take immediate action as soon as you get done reading this letter and claim your bonus.

We want to apologize right now if all the bonuses have already been taken. The reason we can't provide this bonus to all of our new members is because we had to pay for this bonus and let's just say it wasn't cheap. That's why we are only giving away 15. If you claim your bonus right now you can get it for FREE.

We are giving these away as our way of saying thank you for signing up. We really wanted to over deliver and that's why we put together this amazing bonus for you.

You're probably wondering right now. ok guys what is this amazing bonus? If you are one of the lucky few who claims this bonus before they are all gone you will receive your very own custom designed 1 of a kind website.

We are going to pay one of the leading web design companies to build you your own custom website. You're not going to receive some cheap template website. You are going to receive your very own custom designed money making website.

The awesome part about this is that you can have your website built on any topic you choose. You can pick the topic and then we will make sure the web design company builds you a website that you can start making money with based around that topic.

We strongly urge you to take action immediately and claim your free website as soon as your done reading this letter. We are only giving away 15 FREE websites and they will be given to our members on a first come first served basis.

I know you're excited about getting started with the Push Button Cash Site System but before you jump into the system we highly suggest you claim your free site. If you come back tomorrow and click on the link to claim your free site you will most likely see a message that says: Sorry All The Free Websites Have Already Been Claimed".

To ensure that you don't get left behind take action right now and claim your free site. Winners take action and I know you are a winner. After you claim your free $1995 bonus. You will want to jump right into the Push Button Cash Site system.

We are excited about helping you achieve massive success online. The free bonus website will help you add additional income streams along with the money you can make from the Push Button Cash Site system. It's always nice to have multiple streams of income. That's our goal with giving you this awesome bonus. Help you produce multiple income streams.


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